Урологический массаж для мужчин

Urological massage for men

Urological massage for men Kyiv is, in other words, prostate massage. This gland, related to the male reproductive system, resembles a walnut or chestnut in size and shape.
By structure, it consists of two elements: one is a glandular trunk, and the other is a smooth muscle part. It is located at the beginning of the penis, in the area between the bladder and the rectum, surrounding the urethra.

Interestingly, women also have prostates and are able to ejaculate just like men. This female prostate is more commonly known as the G-spot. Prostate massage should not be performed on malignant tumors, as it can accelerate the development of secondary tumors. In addition, it is important to know what kind of knowledge the person doing the massage has, since improper treatment of the gland can lead to serious problems.

Erogenous massage of the prostate, combined with the arousal of the penis, can lead to a violent orgasm. Erotic salon Flirt, of course, distances itself from all types of sexual services, provides only and exclusively relaxation massage.

Before massage, the bladder should be emptied by urination. Then the client gets on all fours, relaxing the sphincters. The massage therapist can most effectively access the organ from this position. Then, according to a special technique, the secret that has entered the gland is very carefully squeezed out through the wall of the rectum. Tension and any pain disappear simultaneously with the release of fluid from the body.

You need to stimulate the area between the beginning of the scrotum and the anus with gentle circular movements. The Chinese call this area “Million Golden Dots”. This is due to the fact that the outer part of the spermatic cord is located there. Its stimulation, as well as the manipulation of adequate contraction force, also has an extremely positive effect on ejaculation, as with practice one can learn to delay ejaculation.

After the man has properly relaxed, the masseuse also massages the rectal sphincter in circular motions, observing the reaction of the other person.
Finally, while palpating the prostate gland, which is located about 5 centimeters from the anus, squeeze out the stagnant secretion using the technique of light pressure and circular strokes.


By stimulating the prostate, blood circulation increases, so waste products are removed. As a result, the increase and change of the organ can be eliminated. Massage salon in Kyiv Flirt uses erotic massage exclusively as a relaxation massage, but it is important to note that its combination with the excitation of the penis causes an unforgettable orgasm.


You can try the healing experience of prostate massage by the skillful hands of skilled and experienced masseuses. In addition to the main massage program, you can request it as an additional additional service that does not change the duration of the program, but is built into the procedure.
In order to enjoy the fullness of sensations, it is recommended to choose one of the best erotic massage parlors – Flirt, where you can try lingam massage, as well as body massage or foot fetish. These types of massages increase libido and make the session unforgettable.

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